Film & TV Tweetup is now the largest industry networking event in the Midlands, UK. It allows all professional and aspiring filmmakers to come together in a creative and friendly environment to socialise and expand their network of professional contacts. The event takes place on the third Thursday of every month at Antenna in Nottingham.

Each event kicks off with a question and answer session where a special guest shares their knowledge and advice, and talks about their experiences of working in this cut-throat industry. There’s then a ‘Pitch Up’ session which allows five people the opportunity to step up and pitch themselves, their craft or a project they’re working on to everyone in the room. After that, the networking begins and continues for a couple of hours.

70-120 people fill the room each month including producers, directors, writers, camera crew, sound ops, makeup artists, costume designers, set designers, animators, storyboard artists, actors, composers, bloggers and more. No matter who you’re looking for, you’re sure to find them here and the atmosphere is always buzzing.

These events are free for all to attend and there is no need to book- just turn up on the night!


The Actors Workshop Nottingham

The Actors Workshop provides a professional learning program to adults aged 18+. The Workshop has four groups, meeting weekly and caters for experienced and inexperienced actors. In 2016, the Workshop launched its own TV show ‘Sketch Up’ on Notts TV Sky 117, Virgin 159 and Freeview channel 8 in the East Midlands area. The Actors Workshop is the perfect supporting partner to the Film & TV Tweetup, bringing actors and crew into regular, monthly contact and has produced numerous collaborative projects.


Antenna is a business hub located in the heart of the Creative Quarter in Nottingham. It is part of the Confetti Media Group – a family of businesses operating in various sectors across the creative industries.

The hub is made up of numerous meeting spaces and a large cafe/bar area which is where we hold all of our Film & TV Tweetup networking events. The room is large and comfortable with a chilled out atmosphere, and has been the perfect home to us since these events began. It also has several TV screens and a projector screen which we use to screen work from our special guests.




Pablo is a primarily a jobbing actor but, like many, has other strings to his bow and so has written, directed, produced and many other things. He has been involved with acting out live scenarios in the corporate training arena as well as theatre and more recently television and film.

He has appeared in Me Before You, currently at cinemas, Father Brown, Witless, The Windsors and soon Brief Encounters.



Ben quit his job as a senior officer in Local Government to become a full time actor almost 10yrs ago and never looked back. Discovering a particular love and interest in film making he starting making short films with talented friends, learning editing skills on the job.
Although still primarily a full time actor, following collaboration with Pablo on some comedy sketches and short films, the success of their first feature film The Snarling has lead to a more serious focus on producing and together they set up Shooting Lodge Productions with more films currently being developed as The Snarling picks up speed on the festival circuit.


Pablo met Ben in pantomime and then again later in corporate training, and they began to write and perform comedy sketches together and, with Ben’s skills behind the camera too, started to film and edit them. So, 2@ was born.

From there, the quality of the sketches improved as they progressed and then the question was raised – ‘Why not make a film?’

Time was spent developing The Snarling and last March a small team put together by co-producers, Ben & Pablo,  shot the 1h 23m film in a very busy and intense 13 days! Months were spent on the edit, there were a few pick up days and then it was sent for the score to be written and eventually, they had a feature film that has been a roaring success everywhere it has been screened.



“A sleepy English village is invaded by the cast and crew of a new zombie horror film, but the horror turns real when someone or something starts tearing villagers, cast and crew to shreds.”

The Snarling is a comedy horror with a unique sense of humour and a joke per minute, and it marks Pablo Raybould’s debut feature film as a writer and director.

The film was self-financed and starred the likes of Chris Simmons, Julie Peasgood, Joel Beckett, Albert Moses and Julia Deakin as well as Pablo himself as the Detective Inspector, and has already been screened and praised at a number of film festivals such as the Horror On Sea festival and Derby Film Festival. Its premiere had an attendance of over 200 people who were literally howling with laughter throughout.

This film is one to watch!




Miguel Alves-Khan


Miguel has starred in various short and feature indie productions. Working closely with other networking events and casting organisations in London, Miguel has created numerous credible contacts in the industry and has a number of projects planned for execution this year. He is currently on the production of the latest Bourne film, which is set for release in July 2016.


Tim Bryn Smith


Beginning his career as TV and Film actor, Tim Bryn Smith currently works as a television producer, director and voice-over artist. In 2010 Tim set up The Actors Workshop Nottingham. The group currently has over one hundred regularly attending members and provides casting support to the local media industry.


Emmeline Kellie


Emmeline Kellie is an actor and producer currently residing in the midlands, UK. She regularly acts in short films, corporate films, music videos and local independent feature films, and she is currently represented by JPA Management. She has also produced several short films and will soon be producing her first feature film.


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