August Poster

Networking Special you say?

This month, we are giving you longer to network, and we will be giving you more chances to actually get talking to new contacts. We’ll also be having a sticker system in place so you can see exactly who does what in the industry, and collar the people that you need to be speaking to


The last BIG Summer Pitch Up?!

As usual, upon entry, you can opt in to have your name put into a hat for ‘Pitch Up’. This time, instead of pulling 5 names out of a hat, we will pull them all out and each person will have the chance to make a (longer) 90 second pitch to introduce themselves, their craft and any upcoming projects to everyone in the room. This is a great opportunity to get seen, heard and noticed before the real networking commences.

Also, this time, you have the chance to show us your work. Feel free to bring in a USB stick containing a short film clip, trailer or showreel to present to everyone on the night. You can ask the technician to find your video on YouTube on the night, but PLEASE NOTE that Vimeo links do not always work on their system for some reason.



As the competition went so well last month, we will be holding another one tonight but you have to come along to find out what it is! There’s no prep time allowed 😉

A pretty nifty prize will be available to win so make sure you’re there to take part!