October Halloween Special: SFX makeup demonstration by the incredibly talented Jayne Hyman & Heather Simons


We then have an incredible Q&A session lined up for you! On this month’s panel we have not one, but FIVE special guests! They are: LIAM BANKS, SOPHIE BLACK, EDWARD HARVEY, TOMMY DRAPER & JOHANN CHIPOL!

Liam Banks – Director/EditorLiam Banks is a 23 year old filmmaker hailing from Nottingham. Running his own production company SuperfreakMedia he often delves into theworld of horror and science fiction. His work has won awards and has been screened all over the world, including on the BBC, with one of his shorts even debuting at the TCL Chinese Theatre in LA. SuperfreakMedia is now developing MR CREAK into their first feature project and plan to continue making entertaining and nostalgic short films in the mean time. To check out more of Liam’s work please check out SupefreakMedia W: www.superfreakmedia.com Facebook + Twitter: @superfreakmedia

Sophie Black–Director/Production DesignerSophie Black is a film director and also has a lot of experience working in the art department. She’s also a professional producer and editor at a corporate film agency. Sophie graduated from the University of Creative Arts in 2010 with a BA in film production, and during her time at Uni she shot and directed her first commissioned commercial (for Surrey County Council), aged 19 at the time. She worked as a freelance costume designer/art director on a lot of independent films (including the feature film, Wasteland) before she founded her own production company, Triskelle Pictures Ltd. Triskelle’s credits include: – Ashes (which Sophie wrote and directed), which one Best Thriller Short at Festigious 2015. The film also raised awareness and funds for a local organisation that helps victims of domestic and sexual abuse. A percentage of its rental fees now go to Rape Crisis. – Stop/Eject (which Sophie produced and was production designer on),

which screened at a number of festivals, including Raindance in 2014. It also had a short cinema release, and was longlisted for ‘Best BritishShort Film’ at BAFTA 2015. – Night Owls (which Sophie directed and co-wrote with Tommy Draper). The film, starring Jonny McPherson from Emmerdale, had its premiere at London Short Film Festival in January 2016, and is still on the festivalcircuit. Triskelle Pictures’ next film (directed by Sophie and written by Tommy Draper) is the fantasy short Songbird, starring X Factor’s Janet Devlin. The film already has quite a strong online following, and raised a budget of over £12,000 from more than 170 backers on Indiegogo.

Edward Harvey – Director/ComposerEdward has had great passion for the arts from an early age. He studiedand received diplomas for both Design & Illustration and Digital Modelling & Animation. After finishing university he drifted away from the field of animation and explored his ever growing interest/talent for music. His first experiment with live-action film was making music videos for songs and pieces of music he had written and composed himself. After receiving great feedback from this he realised he had discovered a

hidden talent for film. Since then he has evolved into a self-taught accomplished film maker specialising in directing and composing with his production studio Enigmatic Productions. Enigmatic Productions are an edgy independent media production company based in Derby, UK. The company was founded in 2010 by Edward and Steven Brown, with fellow film maker Johann Chipol joining2 years later and then Steve Hunt joining in 2016. With a passion for theweird and wonderful, they had a vision of a film brand with a wickedly dark edge often exploring horror, drama, mystery and thriller fiction. Their work is often delivered with blackly humorous tone which can venture into satirical themes from time to time but they also have a great love for deeply strong serious themes as well. Enigmatic has made many short films at the amateur level but over the last couple of years the production value quality of the end products has gone up considerably. Their comedy ‘Macho Dan’ won the 24 Hour Challenge at Derby Film Festival in 2014, was featured in the local paper and got the team a lot attention on social media. Since then the recent projects in post production, The Sitter, crowd funded Sinister Nicky and project in pre-production: Sung are all looking to be very professional accomplished pieces. Edward’s video gaming web channel ENIGMATIC PLAY is his latest side-project which he creates single-handedly utilises all his talents or directing, camera work, editing, composing music and his new found love of presenting. Enigmatic has really expanded into something much larger than the small indie film company it once was and they hope to venture into many more forms of media production in future whilst keeping film production very close to their hearts.

Tommy Draper – ScreenwriterTommy is an award-winning screenwriter based in the East Midlands. He has been making short films since 2008 and was writing a few years before that. He’s picked up awards for short one-room thriller Pro Kopf and drama fantasy short film Stop/Eject. Tommy also wrote zombie feature film Wasteland which has been released on DVD in America, Germany and Japan, and On Demand for the rest of the world.

Johann Chipol – Sound designer & recordist/ScreenwriterFrom a very young age, Johann became obsessed with cinema, watching classic action movies from the 1980s. This infatuation continued through his teenage years as he experimented with his homevideos. He studied the theory of Film Studies in Derby and Production in Sheffield, where he explored screen writing, music composition and sound design. Throughout his studies, Johann has worked on short films, music videos, radio shows and even dabbling in acting and commercial work. Since collaborating with Enigmatic Productions, he has crafted sound design for 24 Hour Challenge winner, Macho Dan (2014), current projects The Sitter and Sinister Nicky and wrote the screenplays for a selection Enigmatic films including The Sitter. His thriller short In Debt (2014) was his most recent directing role which became part of the Enigmatic catalogue upon joining the team. He alsoworks on his own projects such as his podcast movie review show Approved By Cinephiles and does freelance sound work for other teams as well.