Boy, do we have a treat in store for you this month!?

 Come along to the Tweetup this Thursday to see some of the Midlands’ strongest talent performing monologues from a variety of films, plays, TV shows and even one or two that have been written especially!

 We joined forces with The Actors Workshop Nottingham, and auditioned nearly 100 actors for this showcase! With the help of two external judges (Owen Tooth & Elaine Eaglestone), we have hand-picked twenty to perform for you!
Monologue Jam 2017 Artists:

 Gemma Barritt, 
Connor Baxter
, Amar Bolla
, Adei Bundy
, Michael Christmas
, Michelle Darkin Price
, Instinct Elkanah
, Chantelle Francis
, Sandy Iliff
, Olga Karaiosif
, Marina Kyriacou
, Abigail Mahony
, Adam Morgan
, Olivia Newton, 
Rosanne Priest, 
Tim Rumboll, 
Leon Schoburgh, 
Danny Shaw
, AJ Stevenson
, Owen Warner