We are very excited to announce that Mr Ben Richards will be joining us on the Q&A panel tomorrow!

Ben Richards is a UK film producer, and managing director of Animus Pictures. Ben successfully produced his debut feature film ‘TRAVELLERS’ in 2011, which achieved a theatrical release in the UK and Germany and was re- released in 2014 as ‘GYPSY FIGHTER’. This was followed by ‘DRUNK ON LOVE’, which was released in the US on Amazon Prime in 2015, and later in the UK. He has produced several feature films since, including his comedy feature ‘GRIDIRON’, drama ‘ONE THING LEFT TO DO’ and one-location crime thriller ‘FRANK PHOENIX’ (shot in just 4 days!) which have all been doing their festival rounds achieving multiple selections and nominations.

Last year, Ben’s horror feature ‘A ROOM TO DIE FOR’ was released in HMV and all UK supermarkets and US via Sony Entertainment, shortly followed by the release of ‘DOLL MASTER’ in September 2017. Ben also produced a crime thriller called ‘FURTHEST WITNESS’ in the USA which is being sold by Highland Group.

Currently Animus Pictures has a co-produciton in the cinemas with ‘KAUFMAN’S GAME’ officially released via the Odeon.