At August’s Film & TV Tweetup, we had the wonderful David Lilley host ‘The Best of Short Stack’ which showcased a series of fantastic short films produced locally. The films were:

We Are What We Drink by Marc Hardman
Make Do or Mend by Chris Bevan
J Littles – Truth (music video) by Luke Radford
Let Go (music video) by Matt Daunt
Thunk by Sophie Johnson-Hill
The Last Drop by Tommy Draper
After Party by Liam Banks

Short Stack is a bi-monthly short film night held at Broadway in Nottingham.
It is hosted by film makers, for film makers.
To keep up to date with future events, join the Short Stack group.

If you would like to submit a short film, documentary, music video or trailer (10 mins max) to their next event, email: by 30/09/18




Are you an actor? Do you want to perform at the next Film & TV Tweetup?

We are hosting our second annual Monologue Jam in partnership with The Actors Workshop Nottingham. Last year’s event went down a treat and was the busiest night in Tweetup history with over 150 people through the doors! Our performers walked away with new contacts and a few even gained representation from an agent! Directors and filmmakers attended looking to cast their next projects, and a large crowd was entertained!
Wildcard Tom Henryk won the audience vote last year, could this year’s winner be you?
Check out his performance here.

If you want the chance to participate in the next Monologue Jam, submit your audition tape to by 23:59 on 7 September 2018. Please read all the information on the poster below before submitting.

Monologue Jam Audition Poster


BFI NETWORK – Short Film Fund & Development Fund


The Short Film funding programme supports projects with directors based in England and is run in partnership with the BFI NETWORK Talent Executives who work with filmmakers on the delivery of funded projects.

This fund is for fiction shorts, in both live action and animation. We want to support short films that:

  • bring exciting new voices and bold narratives to the screen;
  • provide space for experimentation and idea-testing;
  • advance the careers of the filmmakers involved through showcasing their abilities to the industry and the public.

For more info and to apply click here.


If you’re a new writer with an exciting, bold idea – particularly if you’ve not yet teamed up with a producer – this is the fund for you.

‘New writers’ are people who have not yet written a feature film script that has been produced and distributed. This fund is also for producers and directors working with new writers.

It supports people at the very beginning of their development process to produce an initial treatment and related materials. Successful applicants will receive a grant from the BFI together with oversight from a BFI NETWORK Talent Executive to support them in creating the documents.

For more info and to apply click here.

Introduction to Stand Up Comedy


Don’t miss this Introduction to STAND UP COMEDY workshop – With comedian and writer Scott Bennett.

TIME: 10am – 8pm
DATE: 30th September 2018
VENUE: Bunkers Hill, Nottingham NG1 1FP
PRICE: £55

comedy workshop

Future Newsletters

If you would like to send any opportunities, castings or jobs. please email them to by the 25th of every other (even-numbered) month. This is a bi-monthly newsletter, so the next one will go out at the end of October.



support film

The latest project from our very own Emmeline Kellie and her dedicated team, Keep Breathing is a short film that highlights the importance of sexual consent. It’s a powerful look at some very relevant issues that need addressing, but they need your help. Please check out their Crowdfunder page and donate whatever you can- even the smallest donations go far- and help spread the word.

support film2

The Other is the latest film by local director Chris Bevan (as seen at August’s event!) and is an ambitious and gripping short thriller. The production is 80% complete, but they need your help to finish it. Their Indiegogo campaign goes live in September- please keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details!


Five Lamps Films
Open Mic Night for Short Films
Submissions deadline: Friday 14th September, 23:59
Event: Tuesday 25th September, 20:30
Venue: QUAD Derby, DE1 3AS

Short Stack
Short film screening
Submissions: Sunday 30th September
Event: Sunday 21st October
Venue: Broadway Cinema, NG1 3AL

Beeston Film Festival
Short Film Festival
Submissions: Monday 31st December
Event: Tuesday 7th – Sunday 10th March 2019

Mayhem Film Festival
Horror Film Festival
Submissions: Closed
Event: Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th Oct 2018
Venue: Broadway Cinema, NG1 3AL

Shooters in the Pub
Networking event
Event: First Monday of each month, 19:00
Venue: Broadway Cinema, NG1 3AL

369 Studio Networking
Networking event
Event: Thursday 6th September 18:00
Venue: 7 Woodboy St, Leicester. LE1 3NJ



them pesky kids

This Month we caught up with Ryan Harvey, Oliver Blair and Michael Jobling from ‘Them Pesky Kids‘, a film and video production company based in Nottingham with a passion for storytelling.

How did them Pesky Kids begin?
R: We wanted to keep making films together to be honest, we sort of come as a package deal these days, and straight out of uni we thought, stronger together than apart, so we formed a “collective”. But naturally if you want to start taking larger jobs and projects you need a company to run it all through, and so yeah why not put 100% into it?

What project are you currently working on?
O: I’m currently writing upcoming short film ‘A Broken Mind’ for Jack, the concept trailer of which was screened at our latest showcase and a new one of my own; The Orangutan Man. I’ll also be promoting my previous films, The Chestnut Effect and Expressions.

R: Me and Michael have just finished several projects and we’re going to be promoting them quite heavily, Ariella needs its festival run, among others, and our homage to Saturday Night and Sunday Morning is playing as an introduction to the original film in September so that’s really exciting!

M: Yeah we’re really excited for everyone to see the work, we’ve had great responses from the private screening a few months ago. Now I think it’s time to push them out and use the spare time to develop the bigger ideas.

Who are your biggest inspirations?  
O: Martin McDonagh, Praise be His name. Kung Fu Kenny, Taylor Sheridan, Dan Harmon, Tarantino, S. Craig Zahler, Villeneuve, Nicolas Winding Refn, Scorsese.

R: Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Kevin Smith, George Lucas, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Peter Jackson, and Elon Musk. OH! And seriously, Kevin Feige. And and and, Seth Rogen and James Franco.

M: Paul Thomas Anderson is my go-to director. I’ve seen all of his films dozens of times. I’ve also been really inspired by the production company A24 for the last few years; the films they put out are so original and bold, and I love their laid back nature. They make it feel like all this isn’t as hard as it needs to be.

R: A24 is definitely company goals right now.

How do you avoid conflict when working in a collective?
O: We don’t. We find it useful to run at our problems head on and move our bad energy out of the way. We’re very full of love for each other and a lot of people in this community so being open and honest with each other leads to deep-rooted trust.

R: It’s scary, of course it is. Our careers are important, our films are important, and our egos, are all very important. What we put first, is friendship. It works out better that way, we all just want the best for each other.

M: We always have full debriefs after every shoot to address any tension that might have arisen and why that might have been. We look at the negatives and positives, and learn from both. It’s very refreshing, and it’s great to take on what we’ve discussed in the debrief and apply it on the next shoot.

Will you stay in Notts?  
O: Nottingham will always be in our hearts, but let’s be honest, even Robin Hood had to go on a crusade or two.

R: Jack Booth’s already left! Of course Nottingham is our home, and it’s where we want to bring a lot of work and creativity into, but this is an international game, and yeah we’re going to need to venture out to bring it back. We’ve sent Jack down to London to break the ice.

Is there something you know now that you wish you knew when you first started out?
O: Listen, learn and trust. Be prepared to grind and sacrifice.

R: Errrrrrm this is a hard one, because I love the learning process anyway. I guess I wish I knew how easy it is to reach out and ask for help but only if you’re really direct, and I still need reminding somedays. Don’t go it alone.

M: Not really. I’ve learnt everything I know through trial and error which is more important to your development as a filmmaker than just knowing things.

How did you discover your talent for film?
O: I’m still looking.

R: Fell into it? I wanted to do so many different jobs as a kid and then halfway through a business degree I realised that I wanted to constantly change roles… like an actor. Caught the bug from being on set. Never looked back.

M: I’d always watched films religiously growing up, and so I remember it clicking into place when I was set a film project at school. I remember being surprised that I understood shot coverage and had a good enough grasp on cinematic language to make a scene work, so I guess it was through watching films ALL the time and ingesting what I was watching.

What has been your personal key to success?  
O: My personal keys are E Minor and F Sharp. Having a sense of humour about tragedy helps. Things will always go wrong, what you do with that information is how you take action.

R: Teamwork and vigilance.

M: Biggest thing I’ve learnt recently is how much time you waste through panicking when things go wrong. Just get on with it, and you’ll have a film by the end of the day.

What do you enjoy most about your job, your career?  
O: Honestly, the people and the imaginations. We’re a bunch of kids that chose against the normal.

R: We get to tell stories, and live in a crazy world of fantasy and imagination. You work with some of the coolest people, and everyone moves together towards the same amazing goals. There’s a feeling you get on set deep in your gut sometimes when EVERYONE is moving in sync that just gives the biggest buzz. That’s what I enjoy most, that team unit.

M: Seeing a progression in quality of your work is really exciting, and always pushes you to do better.

What advice would you give to a film maker about to start their first project?
O: Go wild and scale back. Aim high and shoot for low cost.

R: Very first film, have fun. First film you try hard at, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t come out the way your imagination said it would, its a creative process. Learn the craft.

O: Failing is just a step toward success.

M: Your first film is the perfect time to experiment. Be as expressive as you can, and don’t think about the audience’s reaction a few months down the line. I watched my first film again a few days ago, and while it’s not amazing, it’s interesting to see the first signs of the style and tone that is more refined in my latest work.

What is the future of pesky kids?
O: Expect Oscars.

R: We want to make features, and eventually TV shows too. To get there we want to make a few web-series along the way, a few more shorts, and go break out into the indie feature scene.

M: We want to grow our network, get on other people’s sets, and always be open to learning something new.

Want to keep up to date with Them Pesky Kids and their projects?



milands movies


Midlands Movies is looking to spotlight your project!

At Midlands Movies you will find all the latest movie news from the region and get the latest insights about the film industry from their extensive local coverage.

With an engaging social media community, Midlands Movies dives into the pool of local movie talent and acts as a place for filmmakers and fans to work together to promote the region’s film creatives.

From the annual Midlands Movies Awards to regular themed film events, Midlands Movies supports artists from all genres be it drama or documentary through to action and adventure. From shorts to features and working with festivals, local film groups, cinemas and much more, Midlands Movies wants to hear from anyone from the region with an interesting view to share.

As well as filmmakers, Midlands Movies also welcomes film writers with a host of opportunities to submit features, reviews and interviews and cast their creative eye over the best of the Midlands.

If you would like to submit a film or project, or just want to flex your writing muscles then please email at for further info.

And check out the official website at




Which one item can be seen and is also referred to in each of these films: Dumb and Dumber, Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction

The first person to respond with the right answer will get a free drink on us!




Some of you may have already noticed the changes being made to the Film & TV Tweetup.

Firstly, we have an amazing new team on board who are making everything happen. Check us out here.

And thanks to the team, we also have our website back up to scratch!

Finally, we are rebranding and changing out name. We will have a whole new look and there’s so much more that we aim to be doing by this time next year. We haven’t settled on a new name yet, so if you have any name suggestions that are both catch and self-explanatory, please email them to .




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