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Miguel has starred in various short and feature indie productions. Working closely with other networking events and casting organisations in London, Miguel has created numerous credible contacts in the industry and has a number of projects planned for execution this year. He is currently on the production of the latest Bourne film, which is set for release in July 2016.





Beginning his career as TV and Film actor, Tim Bryn Smith currently works as a television producer, director and voice-over artist. In 2010 Tim set up The Actors Workshop Nottingham. The group currently has over one hundred regularly attending members and provides casting support to the local media industry.




Emmeline is an actor and film producer residing in the East Midlands. She has acted in many short films, corporates, commercials and music promos, as well as a couple of indie features. She also writes and produces short films laced with important messages in hope to influence change within our society.


Danny Shaw


Originally from the rough end of Essex, Danny started out writing for theatre and BBC Radio. After a spell as a poet and multimedia artist he moved into performance. He now works as an actor-writer, talks too much, reads too little, and always has an answer to everything.

Michael Christmas


Michael’s an actor and host with a history in stunts and stage combat. Most recently Michael has worked with productions such as the BBC series Requiem, the film The Festival and a marketing campaign for the organisation Experian. Michael teaches part-time at ‪Footloose‬ Stage School as a drama tutor.

Chloë Crump


As an actor, designer and drama tutor you’ll find Chloë working on many creative projects. She has acted in theatre, short films, commercials, music videos, voice over and a TV Series. She has designed for Morrisons, Canon, Ted Baker as well as designing clothes for Paul Smith.  A multi-hypen-creative who loves diving into new experiences.



Adam Morgan


With years of experience working in the higher education sector and public sector, Adam has overseen the smooth running of operations for many high profile events. Further, he has been a member of the Actors Workshop Nottingham, has entered into film and acting competitions and continues to hone and refine his craft in the performance arts.

Dean Morris


Dean Morris is an actor and artist based in Nottingham. Dean graduated with a degree in fine art which lead him to pursue his interest in acting. He is represented by Abcast and has worked on a variety of shorts, music videos, corporate and live performance.


Joe Nichols


Joe is an aspiring Cinematographer and inventor of the innovative Sainsbury’s CTO, with goals including world domination and making Geordie a compulsory second language. He studies Film Production in Derby and works as a part-time bartender; the pain of being surrounded by unattainable alcohol satisfying his love for a good challenge. A world-renowned flirt, soldier in the war on pessimism and brimming with ambition, Joe enjoys defeating the odds on a daily basis.


Holly Brown


Holly is a 1stAD and Producer currently working in Nottingham. Holly has worked on serveral short films, music videos, documentaries some feature films, but would eventually like to break into working on and producing feature films. She has also recently taken part in the 48 and 24 hour film challenges. Additionally she has worked as the Social Media Manager for Beeston Film Festival.